Chef Manny

My name is Manny Monteiro and I am the owner of Shamong Diner & Restaurant. I have a septic system and had a major drain problem, septic drain field problems and an odor problem. I tried so many different products but nothing worked. Every company promised that their product worked, but nothing helped solve the problem until I found BioGreen Septic Treatment.

BioGreen Septic is a great product! I am so happy I discovered this product. I began using BioGreen Septic in November of 2008. My drain field was not draining properly and I was informed that I may need to excavate in order to fix it.

Since applying BioGreen Septic Treatment on a consistent basis, my drain lines are not clogged from the grease build up. My drain field is draining nicely and there is absolutely no odor. Even my employees have noticed the difference in the grease traps and the absence of odor.

I highly recommend BioGreen Septic Treatment to all restaurants and to anyone with a food preparation facility.

-Chef  Manny

Owner, Shamong Diner & Restaurant