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BioGreen Shock Bundle

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This package consists of 3 five gallon buckets and a dispensing pump (this is over $300 in total savings) and is highly recommended for first time usage. No one can beat this price!

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Product Description

Ideal for first time usage, this shock package provides 3 five-gallon containers of BioGreen Treatment along with a dispenser. This treatment is ideal for any septic system from residential to commercial and will last 1.5 months to 3 months depending on the size of the system being treated. For continued usage we recommend the single package five-gallon container of BioGreen or BioGreen HT. This product is shipped free and offers a 100% money back guarantee.

This product contains 3 five-gallon containers, similar products sold elsewhere claim to last up to five years. We could make the same claims but feel you would not get the results you’re looking for.

This shock package is designed to bring your septic system back to life. Our bacteria eat through all the grime and sludge in your septic system, effectively clearing the way. With continued usage, you will never see clogged septic and your drain field will never become a swampy mess again. It’s effective and environmentally friendly.

Conservation. Zero Footprint. Pollution-buster. Eco-friendly. The words of the Green Revolution. But they’re not just buzz words of the Green Revolution, they’re words descriptive of BioGreen Septic. Consider the benefits of using the most effective, environmentally friendly biological product on your drains and septic system, complete with the EPA Design for the Environment Logo.

BioGreen Septic is environmentally safe and preferred. That’s because it’s naturally occurring, biodegradable, and pathogen free. But it’s not just the safe and natural ingredients that make it environmentally preferred – it’s what BioGreen Septic does.

BioGreen Septic’s, performance-ready, friendly bacteria remove fat, oil, grease and organic waste build-up through biological digestion. BioGreen Septic contains no emulsifiers, added enzymes or other ingredients which may be frowned upon by local regulatory authorities and the environmental community. Cleaner discharged water conserves municipal energy used for treatment. This helps save the environment.

BioGreen Septic Hungry Bacteria® proudly displays the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) logo, in recognition of its meeting the EPA’s challenge to formulate products with a minimal environmental impact and made safer for human handling. BioGreen Septic meets that challenge, demonstrating a more positive human health and environmental profile.
It is a great effective, cost-saving  ”green” product, with the strongest, most credible environmental statement – the EPA DfE Logo.

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