Our Objective

BioGreen Waste Treatment Systems LLC was established to provide a way for property owners to ultimately find a solution to the age old problem of low-performing drain lines and septic systems, while removing the persistent odors which typically accompany them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide property owners with piece of mind that has been unavailable or unaffordable:

  • Get rid of drain backups
  • Remove septic odors in kitchens
  • Fix drain fields to work properly

I highly recommend BioGreen Septic Treatment to all restaurants and anyone with a food preparation facility.
-Chef Manny
Owner, Shamong Diner & Restaurant
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What makes BioGreen Septic products superior?

Our drain line cleaning and septic drain field treatment products are made of naturally occurring cultures that can be introduced directly into your plumbing and septic systems. Our hungry bacteria get right to work to remove fat, oil, greases and other natural waste buildup.

The technology is easy to use, inexpensive and, most importantly, safe for both your workplace and the surrounding ecosystem.

BioGreen Septic is safe for:

  • Pipes
  • Septic Systems
  • Municipal Waste-water Treatment Plants
  • The Environment

BioGreen is an all-natural product

Our products contain no added enzymes or surfactants (emulsifiers, foaming agents, detergents). These additives can not only hurt the ecosystem, they can also hurt your plumbing in the long run. We are your Eco-Friendly solution to drainage field and septic problems.

Our commercial biological treatment

BioGreen Septic Waste Treatment is a bacterial inoculant that naturally degrades oil, grease and other stubborn organics in grease traps, drain lines, lift stations, septic tanks and other wastewater systems.