Designed for You

BioGreen Septic was designed to help property owners the peace of mind about their Septic Systems.  Developed by a Chef/Owner of a restaurant who for years tried himself to find a solution for his restaurant’s grease problem.  He made it his mission to find a  product  that would help curtail the grease from entering the drain field.  When he found the product that actually worked he decided that it was time for him to help other Restaurant Owners, Bakeries, School Cafeterias, Water Treatment Plants, Ice Cream Parlors, Restaurant Managers, Chefs  and Homeowners  and anyone having “Grease or Septic Odor” problems to provide them with a product they can depend on.

A Note From the Owner

Hello and welcome to BioGreen Septic! I am Chef Manny and I am the one who made it my mission to find a product that would help reduce and ultimately eradicate the grease matte in my septic drain field.  Believe me, it was not a simple task! It took me a few tries before I developed BioGreen Septic.

Yes, BioGreen Septic is my personal label and I guarantee it to work (when applied as recommended) no questions asked.  I will help you with my step by step “How To” that will be featured on my website.  This will help to make it easy for you to understand and apply BioGreen Septic as needed for your Drainage and Septic System, with no funny terms where you need to refer to another website.  Look for me as I begin my Mission of helping others solve Septic problems that I deal with myself on a day to day basis as I continue to post weekly.  Hope we can have many conversations as we journey together.


Chef Manny